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Iguess you’re only supposed to say that in comments.  Well, you’re not supposed to do that at all because it’s obnoxious.  Glad I got this thing off on the right foot.

This is a personal journal on my Bible readings.  While I put it online in hopes of being a witness to some degree and enabling discussion on scripture, my primary purpose is to log my own thoughts rather than to share them.  As such, I can’t promise to be good at managing comments (should there be any…ever) or being funny or entertaining or even worth reading at all.  What I can promise is that I will try to be honest and humble in my reactions to what I read. 

I just had the idea to start this project a few days ago, but I’m already seven months into my Bible reading plan.  What that means is that while I may eventually cover the whole thing, I’m not going to start “In the beginning.”  (See what I did there?) 

My current reading plan is a one-year chronological reading plan, which means that I started January 1 with Genesis 1:1 and hope to finish December 31 with Revalation 22:21.  But in between, I’m reading the books according to our understanding of when they were written (or when the action takes place).  The modern Bible is organized thematically, with the Old Testament devided into history, poetry, and prophecy (roughly), and the New Testament into gospels, epistles, and prophecy (again, roughly).  The chronological plan mixes them all together so that you read what David wrote in Psalms alongside the corresponding events in his life, or the prophecy of Isaiah or Micah in connection with the history of Israel and the people the prophets were speaking to.  I don’t contend that this is a superior organization scheme, but it always piqued my interest because I always wanted context for the various Bible stories and Psalms and prophecies.

Just as a “Previously on…” recap, I’ll note here that my current readings have taken me from Creation through most of the history of Israel as an established kingdom.  The Northern Kingdom has fallen, and Judah is trying to keep its head above water amid the pressure of Assyrian and Babylonian power.  This is the time of Isaiah, who has been speaking to the people of Judah during the reign of Hezekiah.  Tomorrow I’ll pick up with Isaiah and move forward through the narrative from there.

Tomorrow, I’ll also give an introductory post about myself, in the delusion that anyone who doesn’t already know me will ever find this interesting.

If there’s anyone following along, I hope you find it to be worth your time.  If not, then here’s hoping this gives me the forum to be disciplined about journaling for the first time.


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  1. Wife permalink

    First! I guess I’m being obnoxious. Welcome to the blogging world, honey.

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