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Jeremiah 47-48


In this next installment of Jeremiah, God starts cleaning house in the Near East.

47 | God has a message of punishment and annihilation for the Philistines. Israel’s most prominent rival (the USC to UCLA’s Israel, so to speak), the Philistines were the main claimants of the heart of the Promised Land.  Their wars played a central role in the emergence of the Davidic dynasty.

48 | Next up is Moab.  Moab is also an ancient foe of God’s people.  In fact, along with the Ammonites, Moabites were one of only two groups explicitly prohibited from entering the Temple.  Chapter 48 goes into great detail and extent on the utter destruction to be wrought on Moab by the coming Babylonian invasion.

Looking ahead, the following chapter deals with the Ammonites.  God is not merely using Babylon as an agent of punishment for His people.  He’s almost using it as a cosmic Swiffer pad to clean out the whole region, only to be discarded afterwords on account of the filth (sin) it accumulates in the process.  This invasion is momentous because it finally destroys the interrelationship between the many local tribes and nations in and around the Promised Land.  After the Babylonian invasion, the region suffered under external rule for the next 2500 years: Babylonian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Abbasid, and Ottoman (roughly) before devolving into separate units in the twentieth century.  God transforms this desert crossroads into the launching pad for His revelation and salvation for the whole world by enveloping the region into the larger world empires.


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