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2 Kings 24:5-9 & 2 Chronicles 36:6-9


In the immortal words of Jafar, “Things are unraveling fast now!”  Jehoiakim is ousted and replaced with Jehoiachin (saving money on reprinting the royal stationery, I guess).  The notable difference is that Ned is now in charge, and Neco has been defeated and sent back to Egypt.  Egypt’s role in determining events beyond Sinai has ended.  The fate of that nation is to wile away in obscurity until Alexander and the Ptolomys, when Egypt again gains notability as the bread basket for Greece and Rome. 

Jehoiachin only gets three months and change to reign, time he uses to display his thorough wickedness and ineptitude for the job.  We’re counting the days until the culmination of God’s promised punishment for Judah.

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