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Jeremiah 31 & 49:34-39


If you think we’re almost done with Jeremiah, you have got another thing coming because he has lots to say.

31:31-34 | This is the only mention in the OT of the New Covenant.  Since the Old Covenant was established with the foreknowledge (by God, at least) that Israel could not keep up its end of the deal, it was in a sense done for show.  It demonstrated to Israel who God is and how holy He is.  This New Covenant, however, cannot be broken because God will fulfill both ends, His and ours.  Thus, it is more “permanent” than the Old.  God will do this through dwelling in our hearts, emphasizing the internal nature of the New Covenant as opposed to the external nature of the Old.

49:39 | In a seemingly throwaway line to Elam (a nation from the southern region of modern-day Iraq), Jeremiah suggests a salvation open to all mankind, Jew and Gentile alike.  God promises to restore Elam, despite the fact that His previous relationship had only been made explicit with the Jews.  Elam is the first non-Abrahamic group (as far as I can tell) to have such a promise made to them.

Elam is to the far right of this map.

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