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Jeremiah 37-38


because Jeremiah is the perpetual motion machine of Bible books.  Sometimes I toss and turn at night with a voice hauting my dreams, saying, “You’ll NEVER finish Jeremiah!  You’ll NEVER finish Jeremiah!”  Spooky.

38:1-6 | I find the battle between Jeremiah and Zedekiah interesting in the sense that both are right.  One the one hand, Jeremiah is speaking God’s word. 

On the other, Zedekiah, when he accuses Jeremiah of essentially treason, has a decent point.  Here’s this public figure (Jeremiah), wandering around the capital in a time of war, telling people to stop fighting, to embrace their fate, that fighting to survive or to protect Jerusalem is futile.  He even goes so far as to advise Zedekiah to walk out to Ned and surrender. 

This kind of negative propaganda surely makes a difference in morale, affecting the outcome of the struggle.  So it seems like Jeremiah fulfilling a Tokyo Rose or Axis Sally role in the service of Ned. 

The only reason we know it’s not mere treason is because we see God speaking through Jeremiah.  I suppose if Zedekiah were at all insteresting in seeking and obeying God’s will, he would see that too.  But I find Zedekiah’s response, while still in error, at least a little sympathetic.  It’s an error I can understand given what’s on his plate at the moment.

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