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2 Kings 25:27-30 & Jeremiah 52:31-34


Ned’s successor, Evil-merodach (what a name! — it’s Amel-Marduk in his native Akkadian), inexplicably exalts Jehoiachin.  Fascinatingly, there is archaeological evidence to support this.  Cuneiform texts have been found that appear to be ration receipts, describing a prisoner Jehoiachin as receiving a greater share of luxury goods (such as oil) than other captured foreign kings.  It’s this little stuff that builds confidence in my mind that the Bible narrative is true.

Also of note is that this marks our completion of the book of Jeremiah.  God bless Jeremiah; I’ve never been happier to turn to his book than I was today when I realized that this was the last passage from it that I had to read.


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