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Zechariah (or Zech, as we’ll call him) was a priest whose family returned to Jerusalem with Zerubbabel.  He appears to have been a buddy with Haggai, and their ministries overlap considerably, in both time and theme.  Zech was specifically concerned that the enthusiasm of the Jews for the rebuilding process had begun to flag.  They were dogged by continual opposition and slowly coming to the realization that this resettlement was not panning out to be the ultimate restoration that they had hoped it would be.  Zech steps in to say, ‘Keep calm and carry on,’ or, ‘keep your chin up, stiff upper lip and all that.’  Zech’s promises highlight the idea that the current work was setting the stage for the ultimate renewal to come.  His prophecies are heavy with messianic overtones and are consequently among the most quoted in the New Testament.


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