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Matthew (or Levi) was the tax collector turned disciple of Jesus.  He wrote his account of Jesus’ ministry in the early 60s.*  He supposedly relied on Mark’s account of Peter’s recollections as a basis for building his own version of events. 

His purpose differed from Mark in that Matthew was mainly concerned with persuading the Jews that Jesus was the promised Messiah and Davidic heir and that the church represented the ‘real’ chosen people of God.  As such, Matthew spends a lot of time quoting Old Testament prophecies to demonstrate that Jesus is their fulfillment. 

If Mark’s account is an AP wire item, Matthew’s reads more like an op-ed or a research paper.  He’s got a specific thesis that he’s marshalling all his evidence to prove.


* Before things started to get wild — oh, wait.  That’s not for another 1900 years.


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  1. Sharon Eberhardt permalink

    Welcome back! We missed you and your daily navigations. Keep up the good work!

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