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Mark 9:1-13; Matthew 17:1-13; & Luke 9:28-36


Transfiguration?  Don’t mind if I do.

Early on in my faith, I was fascinated with the Transfiguration.  It seemed like a watershed moment of some kind to me.  But I think there’s less, theologically, going on here than I had originally imagined.  Additionally, there’s a Mohammed-in-a-cave element to the story, where only a select group of the already convinced were there to see the miracle, that takes away from the ‘Boo-yah!’-ness of the moment. 

In other words, it’s a story that, other than the implications it would have on scriptural credibility writ large, I don’t need to be factual beyond a figurative level.  I suppose I’ll continue to assume that it is because I’ve not seen anything to convince me otherwise. 

Oh, and the fact that Jesus is flanked by Moses and Elijah represent that He is acknowledged by the Law and the Prophets, thereby demonstrating his fulfillment of the Old Testament.

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