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Mark 9:14-50; Matthew 17:14-18:35; & Luke 9:37-50


Odds ‘n’ ends:

Matt 17:15 |  Going back to the post on mental illness and demonic possession, Matthew muddies the water here again by specifically referencing epilepsy as the boy’s malady but then describing the healing as an act of casting out a demon.  Mark and Luke only described epileptic-like symptoms, leaving open the interpretation that this demon was manifesting his presence by copying epilepsy.  That’s what we needed to better understand the interplay of these two things: the idea that one can imitate the other!

Mark 9:24 | This oft quoted verse captures the essence of faithful doubt: ‘I believe; help my unbelief!’

Luke 9:45 | So, did the disciples not understand Jesus because the meaning of His words was concealed, or was the meaning of the words concealed from them by their lack of  understanding?  Why w0uld Jesus say something to the disciples that He would prevent them from understanding?  Jesus could be really cryptic sometimes.  I’m running out of territory as we progress through the story, but I really do want to explore why that is sometime in the near future.

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