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Luke 9:51-62 & Matthew 8:18-22


As Jesus gets ready to set His final plan in motion, we’ll look at a couple of items of interest:

Luke 9:51 | By this point, Jesus has knowledge of the end of the story.  He knows that He must go to Jerusalem to die.  The way that Luke (and Matt) describes it, I almost get the feeling of Jesus steeling Himself and setting things in motion towards His own death.

Luke 9:54 | I really like this verse, and I’ve never noticed it before.  Here are James and John, who only recently discovered that their faith in Jesus gives them the power to do miraculous things, offering to call down fire from heaven on the village that disrespects them.  I would have loved to see Jesus say, ‘Yeah, go for it,’ just to see how crestfallen they would be when they learned that it didn’t quite work that way.  They probably weren’t even all that offended by the town; they just wanted to see how cool it would be to call in God’s artillery on this small village.

Luke 9:60 | Jesus throws out another of His hilarious puns to the man who wants to bury his parents before obeying Jesus’ call.  Here, Jesus is leaving the burial of the physically dead to those that are spiritually dead.*  It seems a harsh response, but Jesus is responding to what’s in the man’s heart, not just what he says.  If Jesus can read the heart of the Samaritan woman at the well, He can read the heart of this guy.  Burying one parents in those days was a year-long process, and it’s highly likely that this guy was letting worldly responsibilities serve as an excuse as to why he couldn’t follow Jesus just then.  It’s more along the lines of, ‘Jesus, I want to follow you, but right now I’m in grad school, and that’s taking a lot of my focus.  I think that I owe it to my parents, who are paying for me, to just concentrate on that for now.  When I’m done, let’s get back in touch.’  To this, Jesus says, ‘NOH!’  Jesus wants us to love one another, and more specifically to honor our parents, but He wants us to do that because of our obedience to Him, not instead of it.  Any choice between loving the people in our lives and following Jesus is a false choice.


* Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!  Death, what a riot!


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