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If you look north, you’ll notice that I added a new tab.*  This one’s called ‘Visitor’s Center,’ and it’s got samples of posts that I think capture either my settled view or my current struggles with various issues of faith.  I hope it will be helpful.

I’ve also added a few books to the Reading List since it was first posted.


* In elementary school, I remember the fourth-grade teacher asking the class if anyone knew which way ‘up’ was on a map (the pull-down one above the chalk board).  Being born with an interest in and aptitude for maps, my hand shot up.  But I remained uncalled-upon while kid after kid pointed in increasingly ridiculous directions.  I, of course, knowing that up was away from the map, kept ooh-ooh-ing and calling the teacher’s name until she snapped at me, ‘Sit down.  I know you know, but I want to give the other kids a chance to figure it out!’  They never did, and I ended up strutting to the front of the class to demonstrate to my adoring peers the proper direction of ‘up’ on the map.

I tell this story mainly to highlight what a pretentious twirp I was growing up and to marvel at how, for reasons that seem so clear in retrospect, I was mystified that I was never a popular kid in school.

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  1. Christen permalink

    hahaha! i never heard that story. I can just imagine you as a little kid strutting up to the front of the class to share your wisdom with the other 4th grade kids.

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