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Mark 15:16-41; Matthew 27:27-56; Luke 23:26-49; John 19:17-37


The crucifixion is a pretty well-known story.  I’ll limit myself a couple of the reactions I had specific to this time reading the accounts.

– The call of the scoffers caught my attention.  They challenge Jesus that if He can save others, why can’t He save Himself?  The irony is that they have it exactly backwards.  He doesn’t save Himself so that He can save others, the whole world in fact, including those who are scoffing at Him.

– Imagine being the robbers crucified next to Him.  One, we read, joined in the scoffing.  Is it just gallows humor, or is this guy an idiot?  ‘Ha ha, you’re being crucified.  Oh, wait!  Hey!’  The other makes a plea that doubles as a statement of faith.  Third Day has a song, ‘Thief’, that captures that guy’s story well:


I am a thief, I am a murderer,
Walking up this lonely hill.
What have I done?  I don’t remember.
No one knows just how I feel.

And it’s been a long time
Since I’ve lived with peace and rest.
Now I am here at my destination.
I guess things work for the best;
And I know that my time is coming soon.

Who is this Man, this Man beside me,
That they call the King of Jews?
No, they don’t believe that He’s the Messiah,
But somehow I know it’s true.

They laugh at Him in mockery,
They beat Him ’til He bleeds,
They nail Him to that rugged cross,
And they raise Him next to me.

My time has come, and I’m slowly fading,
But I deserve what I receive.
Jesus, when You are in Your Kingdom,
Could You please, please remember me?

Well, He looks at me still holding on,
And the tears fall from His eyes.
And He says, ‘I tell the truth,
Today, you will live with Me in Paradise.’

I know that my time, my time is coming soon.
I know that my time, my time is coming soon.
I know Paradise, Paradise is coming soon.

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