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Mark 16:1-13; Matthew 28:1-15; Luke 24:1-12; & John 20:1-18


Despite it being the central turning point in the history of the universe, I don’t have too much to say about the resurrection.*  One reliable argument starter with my wife is when I try to theologically downplay the resurrection. 

It seems to me that the crucifixion does more of the heavy lifting in the salvation of mankind.  Jesus dying and being forsaken by God on our behalf is the sacrifice that cleanses us and allows us to enter into eternal communion with God.  The resurrection is merely the proof that He was Who He said He was, that He had the authority and power to save us.  Had Jesus not been raised from the dead, His claims to be the Son of God with the ability to redeem us would have been proven false.  But with the resurrection, we see that His promises were kept and that His death did what He said it would do. 

Imagine that you win the lottery and find out about it via the newspaper the morning after the balls are drawn.  You don’t celebrate the newspaper as the thing which won you the lottery.  You can save it as a keepsake or testament to the truth of the ball drawing, but it’s still the ball drawing that created the outcome.  Both are great, but I think that the Protestant tradition underappreciates Good Friday by focusing on Easter.

Also!  May I note that John 20:4 is my favorite verse in the entire Bible.  Keep in mind that ‘the disciple Jesus loved,’ or ‘the other disciple’ is how John refers to himself in his gospel.  He writes his account of the greatest moment in human history, some 50 years after the fact, and still makes a point of mentioning that he gave Peter a head start in a footrace to the tomb and STILL beat him.  This is why I love John.  This is why John is so awesome.


* Except, of course, ‘thank you,’ to God.


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