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Acts 2:42-47 & 5:1-16


Taking things out of chronolical order, again, I wanted to lump these sections of the narrative together because they deal with this picture of the life of the early church.

I’ll be perfectly honest, most of my notes from a few days ago on this passage are unintelligible to me: ‘early church, sharing, home churches, miracles,’ and then some scrawl that looks like ‘NEWT.’ or ‘NENT.’  So yeah, not my finest hour.

5:1 | I do know what I wanted to say about Ananias and Sapphira.  This story here is similar to that of Achan (Josh 7), who withheld riches from the Lord and suffered death on account of it.  In both cases, you have what I see as an ‘all-in’ foundation story.  That is, in order to purify the young community, transgressions against the unity of purpose are punished severely.  This is one of many parallels that we will see between the early church and the early history of Israel.


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