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Acts 13-14


This is the part of Acts where Paul starts to take center stage.*  The bulk of the first missionary journey takes him to the region of modern Turkey then called Galatia.  It’s upon returning from this trip that he writes a letter to the church at Galatia, chastising them for allowing Judaizers to convince them that they must be saved through adherence to the Mosaic Law as well as through faith in Christ. 

Specifically, 13:38-39 and 14:4 set up the conflict which Paul addresses in his epistle.  I will try to post my reax to Galatians tonight, but it may be delayed.


*  One new thing I learned from this reading is that there was no major Saul -> Paul shift.  I had always remembered that the name change came as a result of the conversion, as if Saul had meant, ‘coat-holding evil weenie dude,’ whereas Paul meant, ‘he who admits his wrongs and champions good to the known world,’ or something thereabouts.  Nope, it’s just cultural shift.  In the Jewish context, he goes by Saul, but when amongst the Gentiles, he uses the Romanized version of the same name, Paul.


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