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No Blog is an Island – 1.7.11


In an effort to emerge from my shell a little, and to indulge the ‘town crier’ that my wife insists lives in my brain, I’m trying to be more regular about reaching out to other blogs and directing people to things I find interesting or provocative.  I’ll try and put the slightly more serious stuff at the top (and bold the ones you’ve really got to read) and put the more fun stuff toward the bottom.  Enjoy!

God must uphold His own glory as the supreme value of the universe because 1) He is true, and it would be false to hold up any other glory as supreme; and 2) He is loving, and it would be uloving to offer us as supremely satisfying anything less than what is infinitely and eternally satisfying — namely, Himself.

  • Did Calvin believe that Scripture was literally true and without error? 

Calvin was not naive about the apparent discrepancies in Scripture, nor did he expect Biblical numbers to be exact.  He accepted that Scripture uses phenomenological language and figures of speech.  He often probed the difficult issues stemming from mistakes in translation and transmission.  [However, Calvin] argued on many occasions that to disagree with the Bible was to disagree with God Himself.

  • Speaking of errors in transmission, this image of Thomas Aquinas’ handwriting sure raises some questions about how written works were copied and distributed faithfully in an age before the printing press.  It’s in Latin, of course, but those are supposedly the same characters as the typed text in the sentence you’re currently reading.  How would you like to have been his clerk?
  • Christopher Hitchens channels George Orwell in instructing how to make a decent cup of tea.  This is crucial reading for all those who, like me, are not coffee drinkers.
  • I hereby resolve to include at least one map link in each week’s links.  This one is a video map showing the various empires, local and foreign, that have controlled the Middle East over the last 5000 years.
  • I think poor Thomas has a case here.  I’m fascinated by guys that I think get a bum rap in the Biblical narrative (Esau, Balaam, Joab), of whom Thomas is one:
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