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No Blog is an Island – 1.12.11


No essay from me today.  I’ve got a couple of undeveloped ideas, but work caught up with me.  As penance, take these links that I was saving up for Friday.  I’ll just have to find more over the next two days!

  • Derek Ouellette at Covenant of Love keeps killing it with these great KJV in 90 days posts; here’s a great one on Leviticus and predestination.
  • Douglas Wilson reprints a sermon in which he defends using the King James Version.  He’s got four criteria for choosing one translation over the others: authority, sourcing, philosophy, and intelligibility.
  • Evangel disagrees with some of Wilson’s reasons but also endorses the King James Version.
  • Scientia et Sapientia has a good post on the importance of reading the church fathers, particularly Augustine. 
  • Scripture Zealot’s got a great post about God’s glory in hiding things.
  • Damaris Zehner, at iMonk, on the forgotten deadly sin: gluttony.
  • Thomas Kidd at Patheos talks about the origins and consequences of evangelical teetotalism.
  • I can do no better than reprint the title of this post at the Thinklings, with which I wholeheartedly agree: I Love You, My Beautiful Kindle.
  • The Pope urges Biblical baby names as a means of witness and of carrying on tradition. 
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  1. Thanks for the mention.

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