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Thus Quoth – 1.22.11


Going to adjust things and have the quotes come out over the weekend instead.  AND you’re going to get both a GK Chesterton and a CS Lewis quote each week.  Bully for you!!!

GK Chesterton:

It is expressed in His own great saying about the holes of the foxes and the nests of the birds, and, like many of His great sayings, it is felt as less powerful than it is, through lack of appreciation of that great paradox by which He spoke of His own humanity as in some way collectively and representatively human; calling Himself simply the Son of Man; that is, in effect, calling Himself simply Man.  It is fitting that the New Man or the Second Adam should repeat in so ringing a voice and with so arresting a gesture the great fact which came first in the original story; that man differs from the brutes by everything, even by deficiency that he is in a sense less normal and even less native; a stranger upon the earth.

The Everlasting Man

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