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Hebrews 2:5-9


Today’s passage is built around a citation of Psalm 8, which we looked at on Monday.  I don’t want to rehash that too much, so we’ll focus here on something slightly different. 

There’s no consensus on whether Psalm 8 is meant to be taken messianically.  The same holds true for this passage in Hebrews that cites it.  Despite this fact (or perhaps because of it?), I read the passage(s) in question as referring to both man and Christ. 

The key term for me here is ‘son of man,’ which was used in the Old Testament to emphasize the humanity (both imago dei and fallenness) of its object.  However, Jesus adopted the term as His own, the capitalized ‘Son of Man,’ which emphasized His role as messiah and God incarnate.

The text applies to both man in general and Jesus in particular.  Man, in Eden, had the world put ‘in subjugation under his feet,’ has had his relationship with God temporarily demoted, and is beloved of God despite his small stature.  Jesus, has and will have everything put in subjugation to Him, downgrades His position with God for a time, and is God’s beloved Son despite being a man.  What I see the author setting up here is a representative connection between Jesus and man.  We’ll keep an eye on this as we read forward:  Jesus came to perform a ‘do over’ for mankind, doing what we were unable to do, fulfilling our portion of the Covenant.

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