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No Blog is an Island – 2.4.11


Let’s connect with the wider world, shall we?

  • C Michael Patton has a great post about 6 perspectives on Orthodoxy
    • aOrthodox (progressive/emergent)
    • Scripturally Orthodox (fundamentalists)
    • Paleo-Orthodox (Eastern Orthodox & some evangelicals)
    • Dynamically Orthodox (mainline/liberal)
    • Developmentally Orthodox (Roman Catholic)
    • Progressively Orthodox (most evangelicals/reformed)

Read the whole thing to see what each one means and what the strengths and weaknesses of each are.

  • Chaplain Mike at iMonk wonders if the evangelical idea of tranformation is a myth

Our unbridled optimism about the potential for dramatic life-change and ‘impact’ (another evangelical mantra) owes more to the myth of progress that we’ve eagerly embraced since the days of the Industrial Revolution than it does to how the Gospel actually works in lives, the church, and the world.

After some corrective feedback, he offered a helpful clarification.

  • Tim Challies offers a helpful guide on how to pray.
  • Brian LePort thinks being a guest and witness at a wedding may come with responsibilities to support and perpetuate the covenant vows being made in our presence. 
  • Marc Cortez discusses Jonathan Edwards’ views on free will.
  • Richard Beck wonders if kindness is more fundamental and more important than love.

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