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Hebrews 2:10-13 – OT


Psalm 22

This is one of the more recognizable Psalms.  It is oft quoted and easily remember because it speaks on three levels.

  1. The psalm is primarily about David.  Although scholars disagree about when exactly in his life he wrote it, most conclude that it came during the time of persecution by Saul (1 Sam 20-23).  I like that David is able to simultaneously feel forsaken by God while still trusting in Him and looking forward to when he will be able to sing God’s praises and give Him glory in telling how God would be faithful and deliver him from the current predicament.
  2. We can extend the scope of the psalm vertically by identifying elements of messianic prophecy.  Vv. 16-18 in particular are identified as foretelling the arcane events of the Crucifixion.  I don’t want to go into to much depth now because (SPOILER ALERT!) this will be the subject of tomorrow’s post.
  3. Extending the scope horizontally, we can see that the psalm speaks to the redemption history of all mankind.  We are hounded and seemingly trapped by sin (either our own or just the fallen nature of the world in which we live).  In David, we see our story (collectively and individually) as a historical event, tied to us by the sinful nature we have in common with David.  In Christ, we see a similar progression carried out as an act of divine will, meant to fulfill our covenant portion.  Our story echoes in David’s; it is fulfilled in Christ’s.

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