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No Blog is an Island – 2.18.11


I still owe a post on Hebrews 2:14-18, but I’m giving the links now.  I’ll tackle the Hebrews post this weekend.

  • Michael Patton has a fantastic primer on textual criticism that addresses many of the questions that arose for me during last year’s Bible study project.
  • Richard Beck suggests a minister of sharing to combat materialism and consumerism in the modern church and to create a culture of gifting and service.
  • Jake Meador puts the five points of Calvinism in perspective.
  • Justin Taylor looks at how the church, prior to the era of Darwin, interpreted the days of Creation.
  • Daniel Kirk argues that ‘Abba’ does not mean ‘Daddy’ like we’re so often taught, and that in doing so we’re importing a modern concept of intimacy back 2000 years.
  • Christopher Benson lays out Diogenes Allen’s six reasons most people become a Christian.
  • Peter Enns seeks to explain what was wrong with Cain’s sacrifice.
  • Kevin DeYoung wonders if churches should be selecting their elders via casting lots.
  • Joe Carter highlights the decline in Protestant attendance (evangelical and mainline) in contrast to the growth in Catholic attendance.
  • Daniel Kirk examines the conflation of demonic posession and mental illness in the gospels.
  • I wonder what the Internet Monk folks would think about churches participating in promotional, Justin Beiber-themed group studies that were sent out to coincide with last weekend’s movie.
  • Darryl Dash approvingly quotes the vision statement of a pastor in Kentucky, which I think is a beautiful goal for any Christian: Preach the Gospel, die, and be forgotten.

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