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Hebrews 3:1-11 – OT


Psalm 95

This is kind of a weird, hybrid psalm of praise that morphs into a historical psalm of exhortation, or something.  The first half of the psalm says, ‘Praise God!’  The second half says, ‘Don’t be like those idiots who don’t praise Him and are punished.’  Got it?  Good.

v. 8 | Meribah and Massah are names for the place in Exodus where the Israelites grumbled about having no water and about Moses’ unfitness for leadership because he did not provide them with water.  It was here that Moses struck the rock to bring forth water in anger.  It’s one of the litany of low points in the Exodus narrative, where people did not trust God or submit to those He sent them.

v. 10 | In describing God’s reaction to the Grumbly McGrumblesons, the psalm actually references a later story, where the Israelites grumbled against Moses and the spies that came back with a good report of the promised land.  But, essentially, these are the same grumblers who are distrusting God and rejecting His agents.  For this, they are denied entry into God’s holy rest.

The point to pick up here, and which will hopefully be addressed as we proceed through the week’s passages, is that there’s a great importance in the Biblical narrative placed on receiving God’s promises, trusting in Him, and submitting to those who He sends to execute those promises.

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