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Hebrews 3:12-19 – NT


John 10:28-29

We’ve discussed losing your salvation here before, and I don’t want to re-hike that path right now.  We’re also going to look into this subject in more detail tomorrow when we break down the week’s Hebrews passage. 

I do, though, want to raise a question about these verses from John and their ‘partner’ verses in Romans 8.  If these are such strong verses, as I believe that they are, indicating that we cannot lose our salvation, then why are both of them phrased in a way that suggests protection from a third party? 

In other words, why are we employing verses that promise to protect believers against being separated or snatched from God by an unnamed enemy in our arguments about whether we can walk away from our own salvation on our own accord?  These verses seem to be addressing a different situation than the one at issue. 

I can’t promise we’ll answer this question tomorrow, but I want to resist ignoring it just because the verses are used to support a position I already hold.  As always, I appreciate thoughts and feedback.

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