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Thus Quoth – 3.5.11


GK Chesterton:

To the Buddhist or the eastern fatalist existence is a science or a plan, which must end up in a certain way.  But to a Christian existence is a story, which may end up in any way. 

In a thrilling novel (that purely Christian product) the hero is not eaten by cannibals; but it is essential to the existence of the thrill that he might be eaten by cannibals.  The hero must (so to speak) be an eatable hero. 

So Christian morals have always said to the man, not that he would lose his soul, but that he must take care that he didn’t.  In Christian morals, in short, it is wicked to call a man ‘damned’: but it is strictly religious and philosophic to call him damnable.


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  1. Way to bring Chesterton’s wise words into a debate that desperately needs them.

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