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No Blog is an Island – 3.18.11

  • Sarah Clarkson looks at how the personality types embodied in the elder/younger brother dichotomy play out in the lives of passionate believers, renaming these positive correlates keepers and dreamers, respectively.  I’ve sent this around to a few friends with my added review of, ‘Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!’
  • Douglas Wilson offers a helpful primer of what the Bible does and does not tell us about Satan and Hell.
  • Lisa Robinson addresses what happens when theology becomes a stumbling block to faith.
  • Tim Kimberly has given a helpful timeline of the development of the KJV and a corresponding map.
  • Derek Ouellette eloquently captures the tension between the legitimate but divergent draws toward either experience or intellect in the Pentecostal and more orthodox strains of Christianity.  He follows this up with a review of James KA Smith’s Thinking in Tongues, a book on Pentecostal contribution to theology.
  • Brian LePort shares his affinity for the lament Psalms.
  • Sam Storms, from a Calvinist perspective, tells how to know if you’re elect.
  • Jake Meador explains his proclivity to defend controversial doctrines.
  • Marc Cortez, in the latest installment on the parallels between the modern church and the Medieval church, says we need to rely on more than the spoken word in our church services as a way for people to encounter God.


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