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Hebrews 5:1-6 – OT2


Whaa?  Indeed.  I wanted to focus on Mel some more this week, and there isn’t really a New Testament vehicle for that, so we’re doing double duty in Lawsville this week.

Psalm 110

Modern Christians are all too familiar with the business end of the ‘separation of church and state’ cudgel.  But it’s interesting to see that it has a Biblical foundation deeper than rendering unto Caesar.

In Psalm 110, God promises to make David* both a ruler and a high priest, a la Mel.  This is notable because Jewish tradition strictly separates the two functions.  However, this is not a measure meant to protect the state from the passions and biases of religion.  Rather, it’s to protect religious practices and offices from the twin cement shoes of government bureaucracy: corruption and mediocrity. 

This is interesting but, I’ll admit, not terribly relevant to our Hebrews study.  But now we know Mel better and have a better context to look into our author’s line of comparison between Mel and Jesus.


* And, prophetically, Jesus.


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