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Hebrews 5:7-10


This won’t be anything new, and I covered the gist of it on Tuesday, but ever since I read through the gospels last fall, I’m fascinated by this idea that Jesus was not born omniscient, knowing that He was God and how things were going to go down from day one.  I just always imagined Him doing miracles for the neighborhood kids and brushing his parents off at the temple: ‘Whatever.  I’m the Son of God, and I’m staying here to talk to these dudes.  Leave Me be, woman, you know not what you do.  You’ll see.’

But an omniscient Jesus wouldn’t have been a human Jesus.  He wouldn’t have had to pray or rely on faith to know where to go or what to say next.  His miracles would not have been a demonstration of the Father’s work in Him but rather His own power and glory. 

This raises the question, though:  If sin is falling short of perfection, can Jesus have been weak without sinning?  Can Jesus have been ignorant without sinning?  How can He have been made perfect if He was sinless?  The only thing I can think is that it’s a dimension thing.  Jesus (having relinquished His divine privileges at the incarnation) was perfect the way a line is infinate.  Having withstood temptation and been faithful unto death, His perfection was broadened the way an infinite plane is more than an infinite line.*


* Remember, this is not scholar-approved crackpottery.


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