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Hebrews 5:11-14 – NT2


1 Corinthians 13:8

This post is the Pat Buchanan to the previous one’s Tom Braden…or something like that.  Here, Paul compares the difference between our limited knowledge of truth in this life and the fullness of revelation that awaits us in Heaven with the difference between the foolish ignorance of a child and the mature intelligence of an adult. 

Further, in 1 Cor 14:20, he exhorts the Corinthians to debate spiritual issues constructively, like mature adults rather than petulant children.  Lastly, in Eph 4:14, Paul says that Jesus anointed the apostles and teachers to equip the believers so that they would be mature in their faith and not gullible and impressionable children, susceptible to bad doctrine or false teachers.

In all this, Paul is calling us to a growing, dynamic faith that is not satisfied with the comfort of salvation.  We should be spurred to grow into mature believers, sure of what we believe, passionate in our pursuit of truth, and able to pass that knowledge on to younger believers and heathens alike.

This does not seem, at first glance, to cohere with Jesus’ emphasis on children as the model of belief.  On Thursday, I hope to reconcile these opposing viewpoints in the faith.


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