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No Blog is an Island – 4.15.11


These links are tax free.

  • Rob Bell and Love Wins are the cover story on this week’s issue of Time!  This is what I meant when I said that these debates are good in that they increase the visibility of honest conversations of the Gospel message.  Cool.
  • William Birch proposes a Classical Arminian answer to the type of inclusivism that Bell suggests in Love Wins.  It comes down to how we understand the salvation by grace through faith of Old Testament believers, and how that extends beyond the Incarnation.  Was there a specific point in time (sometime in AD 33, presumably) where we switched from Old Covenant to New Covenant?  Birch says no.
  • Joe Carter argues against ‘kenotic theology,’ which is the idea I covered last week that Jesus emptied Himself of omniscience when He became flesh.  The specific issue arose because of a discussion on whether Noah was a historic person or merely a figure of myth.  In defending his position that Noah was a historic person, Carter points to Jesus’ assumption (in Matt 24) that he was.  Those who disagreed with Carter used a kenotic explanation, that Jesus was limited to 1st century Palestinian knowledge of history and, thus, was wrong.  Incidentally, I disagree with Carter on kenotic theology, but I agree with him about Noah.
  • Michael Patton has a great post about doubt and how doubt is the product of a growing, maturing faith and that lack of doubt indicates the kind of immaturity we discussed yesterday.  Definitely worth a read.
  • Jon Acuff instructs churches on how not to have ridiculous or off-putting websites.  Remeber, while he is a humorist, he is also an advertiser by trade!

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