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No Blog is an Island – 6.1.11


Here are some of the links that I’ve been saving up over the last two weeks.  I’ve split them roughly between those that I think can be given with little-to-no explanation (these) and those that will come with a mini-review/reaction from me (Friday).  As I mentioned a while ago, I’m still working out my preferred method for presenting the links.  Here are the lighter and/or shorter links:

  • Julia Rhodes (guest posting at SCL) pokes fun at something my wife and I find ourselves doing at LOT at church: proof-reading the worship slides.
  • Michael Patton helpfully explains the difference between fundamentalists and evangelicals.
  • Daniel Kirk calls the idea (to which I subscribe) that prayer is more about changing our hearts than changing God’s is a ‘cop out’ and the ‘profession of a defeated people’ – a challenging notion.
  • Trevin Wax has a great primer on one of my favorite Bible topics: unsung and little-known Bible characters.
  • Michael Patton calls the statement, ‘You can’t out-give God,’ stupid and decries the health-and-wealth prosperity gospel that tells us to expect material blessings if we’re faithful with our tithe.
  • Chaplain Mike explains the history of the idea of the Rapture and argues (convincingly) for doing away with it as un-Biblical and unworthy of God’s people.
  • Jon Acuff advises on what to do when your minister tells a joke that bombs during service.


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