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Hebrews 7:20-25 – OT


Psalm 110

For the third time, we’re calling back to Psalm 110.  This is because, as I mentioned last week, the Jesus=Mel connection is central to our author’s argument, and it’s made here, in v. 4. 

For this week, our focus is on the vow that God gives to David/Jesus: ‘You are a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek.’  The Psalmist says that ‘The Lord has sworn and will not change His mind.’

As we’ll see more on Thursday, the idea here is that God has not placed Jesus in the role of high priest as a temporary fix or ‘for the time being.’  Unlike with the Levitical priesthood, God is establishing this high priesthood of Jesus ‘forever,’ and He will not change His mind.  Thus our author continues to press his case that Jesus has replaced the priestly system as a bigger, better, stronger, more permanent version.

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