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Hebrews 7:26-28 – OT


Leviticus 16:11

This week we wrap up the ‘Jesus is better than the Levitical priests’ portion of our study.  Today’s takeaway is simple: the Levitical priests (from Aaron on down) must make sacrifices to atone for their own sins.  In order to remain in a place of mediation between God and His people, the priest must compensate for his sins with a sacrificial offering. 

Jesus does not have to do this.  He has no sin, and this is why His sacrifice on the cross is our salvation and not His own.  Because He is sinless, His death is not a payment for His own sin and can thus be applied to cover ours.  So whereas the Levitical priests are ritually cleansed in order to fulfill their calling, Jesus is by His very nature clean and thus already and always fit to intercede on our behalf.


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