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Hebrews 8:1-5 – OT


Exodus 25:8-9, 40

Ah, Tabernacle dimensions; everyone’s favorite part of Exodus.  Experience the thrill as we find out just how much acacia wood is required to build a proper ark.  Dazzle your friends as you tell them how many almond blossom-shaped candle cups are required for the lampstand.  Laugh derisively at the yokels unaware of how wide the gold-molded rim around the bread table should be.*

But note the verses that I’ve linked to above.  The key word repeated in both v. 9 and v. 40 is ‘pattern.’  This detailed set of instructions, and much of the mind-numbing minutiae to come in the next few books, isn’t meant to be a recipe for access to holiness, or some kind of secret formula without which the Israelites cannot experience God.  He gives them this template because it is patterned after His throne room in Heaven.  He is having them recreate a dwelling place for Him on earth as a symbol of the Kingdom of Heaven descending to earth to be a venue for man’s communion with God.  More on this as we proceed this week.

I will admit, in the interest of honesty, that knowing this doesn’t make the minutiae any more interesting or seem any more worth reading…



* Everyone who’s anyone knows it’s a hands-breadth.  Duh!

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