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No Blog is an Island – 7.13.11


Let’s call these apologetic links, shall we?

One thing I’m thinking of doing, since the Wednesday essays have not been as bounteous as I had hoped, is using the occasional Wednesday to link to and discuss media/pop-culture/entertainment topics that are relevant to the overall blog.  Specifically, I want to look at movies and music and TV shows and books that engage in some manner with the Gospel and with Christian doctrine.  Since this is an idea that came to me yesterday, I don’t have much prepared, but here are some links to reviews of a couple of movies that are hot, hot, hot on the scene right now:

The Tree of Life

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; Part II


Also, there have been a lot of posts recently on Internet Monk and elsewhere about music and the church.  This is one of those subjects which interest me to no  end.

  • The late iMonk had a three-part series on worship, CCM, and the worship music revolution: here, here, and here.
  • Chaplain Mike shares Augustine’s meditations on how believers relate to and value music.
  • Chaplain Mike summarizes Robert Webber’s nine proposals on how the church should do music, from the latter’s book, Worship Old & New.
  • Kevin DeYoung has his own ten principles for singing in church (Parts I and II).
  • Derek Ouellette quotes NT Wright on worship music:

    I think now it is easier to write worship songs which are basically like teenage love songs, and there’s lots of worship songs which are about me and Jesus falling in love. And that’s fine, but as I’ve often said to teenagers, the point of falling in love is it’s like striking a match, which is a very exciting thing to do, in order then to light a candle with it. A candle is not as initially exciting as a match, but actually it’s a very beautiful thing, and if you look after it it’ll last a whole lot longer. And so what I want to see is Christians trying to develop must styles that grow out of and have the energy of exciting contemporary music but always looking for something which will sustain, which will last.

Three more miscellaneous arts/entertainment/liturature links:

Lastly, here are two funny links from Jon Acuff, so we can be friends again despite my absenteeism and skewed priorities of work over blogging!

  • Talking about what we’ll ask God when we get to Heaven.
  • Picking our favorite Bible translations.
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