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No Blog is an Island – 7.29.11


Too little too late links:

  • Jon Acuff tackles perhaps the most divisive spiritual issue in my marriage: the proper pronunciation of Habakkuk (which loyal readers will know is ‘HAB-uh-kuhk’ and not the sweaty heathens’ preferred ‘huh-BAK-uhk’.)
  • David Mills sets my heart aflutter with news that GK Chesterton may possibly be deemed a saint (in the Aquinas, academic mold, I believe, rather than the miracle-working one)?
  • Travis Prinzi finishes his earlier discussion of what we (Christians) have learned about the fantasy tradition from Harry Potter.
  • Matthew Lee Anderson talks about one of my bug-a-boos, the shallow consumerism and commercialization of Christian music.
  • Karen Swallow Prior addresses the ridiculous Christian cliches, particularly the one that always gives me the heebee geebees, love on, as in ‘Let’s love on him/her.’  Listen, at best, that’s just awkward and klunky.  I’ll stop there because this is a family website … I think.
  • Jake Meador stands athwart history, or at least modern evangelical trends, claiming that Christianity is, in fact, a religion, not a ‘relationship’.


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